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what do we know about Bill?


Alright alright alrighty so in a burst of new-old news I thought everyone knew (but apparently not) the gang from Horrible Histories, also known as The Assembled Idiots, also known as My Reason For Crying Hysterically are working on a film together.


According to various articles (and Ben and Larry), Bill “will tell the story of a lute player who leaves the family home to follow his dream of becoming a writer.”

From the Radio Times: “Bill is a comedy adventure for all the family,” Rickard and Willbond said. “We’re playing with history, just as Shakespeare did, for the entertainment of the audience. And we like to think he’d be OK with it. Apart from the bit where he’s dressed as a tomato.” Bill will also feature “murderous kings, lost loves, and a plot to blow up Queen Elizabeth.”

So what cold hard sexy facts do we know about Bill?

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this day in horrible history 

↳ 02 September 1666 AD - The Great Fire of London - A fire breaks out at the house of King Charles II’s baker on Pudding Lane.

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this day in horrible history 

↳ 23/24 June 1314 AD - Robert the Bruce defeats English troops under the command of Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn. 

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FAVOURITE CHARACTERS - Charles II, Horrible Histories

I love the people and the people love me, so much that they restored the English monarchy. I’m part Scottish, French, Italian, a little bit Dane, but one hundred percent party animal. Champagne?

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